When Hour and Minute Hands Coincide

The hour and minute hands of a clock coincide at midday and midnight. At one am and one pm, they do not coincide because the minute hand has made one complete turn but has to make just over one complete turn to coincide with the hour hand again.

One compete turn is 360 degrees, so the minute hand turns at the rate of 6 degrees per minute. Afterminutes the minute hand will have turneddegrees.

The hour hand takes 12 hours or 720 minutes to make one complete turn, 360 degrees, so the hour hand turns at the rate ofdegrees per minute. Afterminutes the hour hand will have turned throughdegrees.

When they next coincide, the minute hand will have made a complete turn, or 360 degrees more than the hour hand, so that


In fact the hands will coincide everyminutes.

After 11 coincides, 12 hours will have passed and it will be 12 o clock again.

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