• Back EMF in an Electric Motor

    When an electric motor is running, current is used to turn the motor and provide movement. This movement is produced because current flowing in the coil while the current is in a magnetic field leads to a force on the arms of the coil, the direction of...

  • Conservation of Energy

    The Principle of Conservation of energy is one of the most important principles in physics. It means that we don't have to assume that energy disappears into a black hole from which it cannot be recovered. If energy is still lost to friction or heat,...

  • The Observations of Count Rumford

    did nothing to promote one. He referred to heat having been generated by friction but failed to grasp that work done against friction was used to heat the water.

  • Why Ice Is Slippery

    effectiveness of this layer into doubt however. It is now believed that the reason for the film of water is the work done against friction by the skater as they move. Part of this work becomes internal energy of the ice, which melts.


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