Speeches of Death

People die all the time unfortunately. If someone dies during a boring speed given by a boring politician - talking maybe about endogenous growth theory - then that politician might be said by some to have bored that person to death.
The are, in 2016, about 66 million people in the UK. The average lifespan is about 82 years. Suppose a typical politician gives one speech per month. People die at the rate of about  
\[\frac{66 \times 10^6}{82} 804878 \]
  deaths per year or  
\[\frac{804878}{365 \times 24} = 91.88\]
  deaths per hour.
Over the course of a year about  
\[12 \times 91.88=1103\]
  people die while a politician is speaking. Given that there are several thousand politicians in the UK, with several often speaking at the same time, thus doubling or tripling that deadly dose of boredom, politicians could be responsible for what is frankly, mass slaughter. Worse still, there are politicians on the radio, politicians on the TV, even politicians on the internet. You can't save yourself from being bored to death by a politician by hiding on the moon while any if the have access to a microphone or a TV camera or a smartphone!

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