Constructions - Bisecting Angles and Lines - Constructing an Angle of 60 Degrees

Bisecting an Angle

To bisect the angle ABC draw arcs of equal length centred at B. Draw arcs of equal length centred at E and F to cross at G. The line BG bisects the angle.

Constructing the Perpendicular Bisector to a Line

To bisect the above draw arcs centred of equal radius at each end to cross at B and C. Draw arcs centred at B and C to cross at E and F. The line EF bisects the original line.

Constructing an Angle of Sixty Degrees to a Line

Given the line AB, from A draw an arc to cross AB at D, and then draw an arc of equal radius so that the two arcs cross at a point – call this C and draw the line AC. The angle CAD is 60 degrees.

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