Edexcel Exams are Easy

I have been saying this to my students for years. Now it is confirmed in public by a Edexcel official, in the latest scandal to hit this bunch of idiots – this is a quote from the Daily Telegraph:
Exam chief, Steph Warren, a chief examiner at Edexcel, one of Britain’s biggest exam boards, has been recorded boasting about the easiness of the company’s tests.: ‘you don’t have to teach a lot’ for our tests’.

I have sent them this email

Can you also please confirm that your exams are the easiest in the world and if I take them I cannot possibly fail, even if I have no brain, and no feet, ears, eyes or even a head?

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2 Responses to Edexcel Exams are Easy

  1. Ibbi says:

    Of course Sir!! You just need to have an appendage to hand over an amount of cash we deem sufficient, and the exam is yours, even if you have the handicaps mentioned above! We would never even dream of discriminating against those damned by fate!

  2. astarmathsand says:

    And nor do edexcel it seems, cos absolutely anyone can pass their exams

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