Attempted Mugging By Cybersquatter

There are people out there who look for domains similar to those already registered, register them and try to sell them to people those original people with similar sounding domain names.
I get a couple of emails a week trying to sell me similar domains to those in my name.

One such is this:

Good day, I am Ronald Smith from the RDB Team.
Since you own a similar domain, I thought you might want

for the free traffic and search engine ranking.
You can let us know by filling out this form:

and we will secure the domain for you.

You will receive a year of registration at no cost with your purchase and will only be charged once by RDB Team.
You can forward

to any of your domains or vice versa at no cost.

After you confirm your interest and the domain is secured, one of our transfer specialists will contact you.
Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

They sent several emails like this before I decided to see how much they would charge for this domain I think is worthless.

I emailed then to register interest. They replied:

Limited Time Offer…!!!
The domain name

is for sale by

. Hurry and take advantage of this limited time special offer $199.95 USD.
Domain Name:

Price: $199.95 USD
To purchase this domain and take advantage of this Special Offer click on the link below:

Thank you for your interest.
[email protected]

If you do not see this image – CLICK HERE – to unsubscribe from our email list

They might be making a nuisance of themselves but at least they are not rioting in the streets like much of London.


I had thought I had made it clear I was not interested cos I emailed them the above blog post, but no, they have just emailed me,and now they want $695!


I just wanted to touch base with you about the upcoming auction for

. I know you have been receiving notices from Lynn and Alexander, and now as we enter into the final hours of the auction, I am here to guide you the rest of the way!

I am sure you have some questions or concerns about this auction and that is why you have not submitted a bid yet. Please take a moment to read the following information. If you still have any questions, please contact me and we can discuss this further.

We send out an email to everyone who had a variation of the domain name we have for sale. They all got the same emails you did offering a chance to bid on this domain.

The minimum bid to get into the auction is $97, but please keep in mind there are other parties and the goal is to outbid, not tie them. To be safe, the “Buy it Now” price is $695 and this will close the auction to other bidders. This price is a one time fee, there are no other costs such as taxes or hidden fees. If you choose to keep the domain in your account with us, we charge $10 a year to renew. After 60 days you may transfer the domain to another registry at no additional cost and you will never pay us another dime.

After the close of the auction, we will review all offers and notify the highest bidder they have won and give them instructions on how to make payment. Once payment is made, that person will receive a receipt for purchase, the access codes to the registry control panel, and the WHOIS database will be updated immediately. If that buyer does not respond in the allotted time or they decline their position it will be released for sale to everyone.

We offer 3 ways to enter a bid amount. Please choose the one most convenient for you.

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