How to Beat Talktalk

Ring the sales number 08000491374 – they are English and expensive – and refuse to be put through to customer services – they are Indian and cheap.
Tell them if they need to speak to any other department they can speak to that department themselves while you wait. In this way you can occupy two people at a time.
Always ask to be put through to a manager in sales and don’t accept the lie that there is no manager – by concentrating on the top people in a single department you are concentrating their attention.
Waste their time as much as you possibly can – I swore a lot, drank, pretended I didn’t speaka-da-English… At one point I insisted that all sentences had to be under five words and counted the words each time they spoke.
If they threaten to log you with the police as an abusive caller – even if you have sworn at them – ignore them. When they threatened me with that it went down like a petrol bomb. Apparently they also have a board with the numbers of difficult customers on.
Never put the phone down and always call back immediately if they put the phone down on you. They can’t block calls so that every call is answered.
In the end it doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong. The value of your contract is weighed against your cost as a custimer. If your cost as a customer is more than the value of your contract they will be VERY flexible ie give you everything you want.
So annoyed was one of their staff they phoned me at 1am to try and wake me up. It may be the first time he cold called someone who then tried to sell him ppi insursnve.
If you occupy more of their time than your contract is worth you will probably win.
I was put onto a 24 month tv contract I never agreed to – by sticking to these rules, after 5 days calling them I found out that they have no record at all of the contract. I have had oustanding balances cancelled and they have opened themselves to legal action for money already paid.
Think this one of their senior managers phone number 02035513164. Call him all you can.

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