Dr. Christopher Cook

I get emails all the time from Doctors, Professors, Presidents, Prime Ministers and equally impressive sounding fradsters saying something like this:

I’m Christopher Cook, During my search for a lesson teacher that would help in taking my son (Kenneth). During is stay in your location. I found your advert and it is very okay to me since you specialize in the area I’m seeking for him. 
 My son would be coming to your city before the end of this month for a period of time with his friend,
  I’ll like to know if you can help in taking him for the lesson?  just to keep him busy and refresh. Kenneth is 11 years old, So kindly let me know your charges per hour/lesson in order for me to arrange for his payment before he travels down to  for the lessons to commence.
    He will be staying there for 2 weeks.
 Please Reply back on:
(1). Your charges per 2 hours (3 times a week for 2 Weeks):starting from 10th January until 25th January 2015
(2)  Total Cost For 6 class/12 hours lessons in 2 Weeks
(3). The Day and time you will be available to teach him During the week:
        Well am very happy that i see you as my son tutor and about your years of Experience there is no problem about the lessons, My son will be coming with his caregiver.
        So there is no problem for the lesson to commence by next week, my son caregiver will be bringing him to your location for the lessons and you can teach him anywhere around you including the Library or your home if that is okay by you so i will like you to teach my son the best of you when he get to the city for the lessons.
  I will like you to email me with your schedule for the lessons,Please send me the name to be written on the check and  the address where the check should be mailed too. and send me your  phone number,mobile number. for the 
check to your before leaving the state, by this week, 
  I will be awaiting to read from you soon with your name and address.
Best Wishes.

They usually send a cheque for several thousand pounds that they want me to cash for them and forward the money via western union.

Will see if I can string this one along.

Dear Bill,

so happy to receive your untuous fecilitatins.

My charges are 40 lunar dollars per session and I am tasing the juice now.

Please ensure that each time I see your son he has a selection of meats and jams.

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